FHCC Majority 1551

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One of three exciting young maternal brothers featured in the ORIgen marketing system, FHCC Foundation, his maternal brother by Salvation, offers one of the three highest Calving Ease Direct EPD values among the 1,087 non-parent sons of his famous sire and is another ORIgen leader in many categories and this $50,000 valued feature of the 2022 FHCC Annual sale has a flush brother FHCC Federation also working at ORIgen and a flush sister with the highest $Combined value index of any female in the half century legacy program of Basin Angus where their Pathfinder grandam originated and she is one of the great daughters of the legendary ORIgen Pathfinder Sire Hoover Dam and sold half interest for $15,000 as an aged cow in the 2020 FHCC sale to Byrd Cattle Company in California.

The dam of Dam of Majority sold half interest for $31,000 in the 2021 FHCC sale to Chas Wheeler in Missouri and she is a full sister to the popular ABS sire Woodland Centerfire and she has become the top include producing female in the history of the Frank Hazelrigg partnership.


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Cherry Creek Land Grant
Connealy Clarity
Breshie of Conanga 6988
G A R Sure Fire
Woodland Blackcap Lady 84
Basin Blackcap Lady 0172

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