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  • The highly anticipated Lot 1 in the April 2024 Gardiner Angus Ranch sale!
  • POWERCAT’s pedigree offers a bit of a new twist and is an outcross option to some of the most popular bulls in the breed. Wildcat x Fireball x Xpand
  • As expected from the GAR program, POWERCAT is a breed leader for carcass quality ranking in the top 1% for MARB, $B, $G and $C. He is also a true curve bender. ranking in the Top 2% for Calving Ease and Top 5% for YW.His data set is as impressive as his phenotype, ranking near the top of the breed for WW, YW, Marbling, REA, and ProS.  He recorded individual ratios of 126 for IMF and 108 for REA.
  • POWERCAT is impressive physically. He is long and attractive with extra muscle and depth of body.
  • Not just a carcass bull, POWERCAT also covers the other bases as he ranks in the top 2% for HS, top 20% for HP and Doc and top 25-30% for both CLAW and ANGLE.
  • POWERCAT is a must use sire in progressive balanced breeding programs!


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GAR Discovery 6737H
E & B Wildcat 9402
E&B Lady Plus 643
GB Fireball 672
Daltons Rita 0206
Daltons Rita 8225

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